Louis CK has been called the Comedian’s Comedian since his first one-hour special, Shameless, back in 2007. Since then he has demolished old comedy milestones by writing a new one-hour act each year, while simultaneously running  a successful website/web series, as well as producing his own sitcom-style television show, Louie.

And before I go further with this review, a warning: Louis CK does adult oriented material, and his jokes are very NSFW or children. Like this…

So if you came into this review thinking it was going to end with any high morals or lofty notions, please abolish the thought.

Serious Business

The first and most shocking thing you may notice while watching Louie on Netflix is the realistic tone. Louie is not a fat man’s Seinfeld. It’s not Friends, where everything reverts to the status quo by the end of the episode. Problems go unresolved. Real issues are looked at in ugly, truthful light. And then, like a narrator bringing focus on the events of the show, Louis CK does  a few seconds of stand-up comedy to illuminate the lesson of the day.

The best example of this is an episode from Season 1, Bully, in which Louis CK has his date ruined by a high-schooler who threatens to pound Louie’s face in. It’s an un-funny, unromantic look at how a bully operates. It’s uncomfortable to watch, and will probably make you squirm in your seat or feel a tinge of anger. And his date’s reaction to Louie’s reasonable cowardice is unnervingly honest.

As the episode continues and Louie follows the bully home to confront his parents, he finds (to no-ones surprise) an abusive household. The episode ends with Louie sitting on the front stoop with the father, smoking a cigarette in a shitty neighborhood, having a genuine ‘Well, what can you do?’ sort of conversation. It’s a real moment. And somehow Louis CK makes it funny by breaking it down with his standup.


Never Not Funny

And that’s not to say Louie strikes a hard note with every episode. Most gags involve the sort of daily hardships we face on a regular basis. Louie fights his weight problems, ailing health, and flabby aging body. He tries to raise his two daughters without inadvertently imparting his cynicism on them.  And his struggle in the dating world as 40-something divorcee is a nonstop train-wreck of comedy gold.

There’s a fantastic scene in the first episode where Louie’s date, bored to tears and tired of his awkward advances, flees to a waiting helicopter and flies off into the sunset. This perfectly encapsulates the spirit of “that one date” everyone has been on, where everything in the universe conspires to make it as miserable an experience as possible, and escape couldn’t be more a priority than if your were imprisoned in Gitmo.

Age of Humor

I would absolutely recommend Louie to anyone who’s gotten bored with your standard sitcom fare. Louie is the modern man’s view on life. He says what most of us are thinking during those awkward, forced public interactions. To say his take on today’s issues are devoid of a moral compass would be a slight disservice, because what he lacks in classic Catholic values he makes up for in humor and reason.

If you’ve never seen his stand up, please check out Louis CK before you dive into the TV show. It will serve as a good primer for his brand of humor. But either way Louie is a treat, and you can watch the first three seasons now on Netflix.

Snowpiercer Protein Bars (A DIY Guide)

For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie Snowpiercer, you can check my review of it here. In brief, here’s the sum of its parts:

“The message of this movie seems to be that Social Darwinism goes out the window when the realities of survival sets in. Who should make decisions for the public when the environment goes all to hell? The wealthiest 2%? Those who can afford lobbyists? The US’s financial elite? Not according to this movie. Snowpiercer seems to think anyone not living in squalid poverty is naively going through the motions of their upper-class life, oblivious to the plight of the lower echelon. Or they’re part of the top 2%, enjoying a constant drug-fueled ultra-decadent rave.”  — From TheInquisitiveLoon.com

Plus, Captain America eats babies in Snowpiercer. But that’s beside the point.

The real issue here is, how do I get my hands on some of those delicious-looking gelatinous protein bars we’ve all seen in the movie? You know, the ones that made from reconstituted ground-up cockroaches.

Well, I’m glad you asked.

20150205_132851First you’ll need a small loaf-pan approximately 8 inches wide by a foot. A few plastic cockroaches from the dollar store (for visual aid and decorative plating) a pack of standard food coloring, one small jar of black food coloring, and a pack of lemon desert gelatin. Off-brands, like the Great Value box seen above, are acceptable.

Mix the dry jello powder with the recommended 1 cup of boiling water. Then, blend a half measure (1/2 tablespoon) of black food coloring, so the liquid turns dark purple, but not totally black. Next, add 5 drops of red food coloring and 5 drops yellow food coloring. You should end up with a sickly cockroach-brown color.

Next, and this is the most important part, add half the recommended cold water to the Jello mix (1/2 cup, instead of 1 cup). This will give it a firmer consistency than normal Jello. Pour the mix into a lubricated loaf pan, and let it sit until it fully cools.

20150205_133835For the last part, upend the loaf pan onto a flat baking sheet. This must be done quickly, so the gelatin doesn’t fold over. You want a flat cake, which you’ll cut into 3 or 4 bars with a pie cutter. Once you’ve got your bar-shaped rectangles, plate them on white plate (best to see the gross brown color) and add cockroaches. Plastic, or real if you’re feeling adventurous.

20150205_151453Be sure to leave it on the top shelf where your family or roommates can spot them. Wait for the full shock to set in, then insist one of those disgusting, giggling monoliths is for them. Make them eat it, I guess, is what I’m saying.

20150208_102227Enjoy! You sociopathic wacko…

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Walking Dead SSN 2 – First Impressions

This post is a continuation of my series on The Walking Dead games and the Telltale Games catalog.

The Walking Dead – Season 2 starts on a more somber note than the previous one. You begin the game burdened by the knowledge that Lee is gone, sacrificed to save Clementine. You control her now, but she has hardly reached safety since the events of the last season. In short order your new guardian(s) are taken away from you. Despite everything he had done, despite everything you have tried to do for Clem in the previous season, what Lee feared all along comes to pass. Clementine is out in the wilderness: cold, hurt, and utterly alone.

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Mastering the Geezer

This post is a continuation of my series on League of Legends and my Climb to Platinum.

Unlike with my tips and tricks for playing Pantheon, it was much harder to come up with concrete ones for Zilean. The problem is twofold. Zilean’s kit is extremely simple (only ONE damaging spell) and, as a support, much of what Zilean does involves floating around at the outskirts of any fight and acting as a utility mage. Thus there aren’t really any specific combos I can talk about (unlike with Panth) and itemization is just about the same every time.

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Oscars 2015

One of the oldest traditions on The Inquisitive Loon has been to review as many of the Oscar Best Picture nominated movies as possible. As any veteran of the website knows, I’m a huuuuge movie enthusiast and so, even when the nominations are questionable, I just can’t resist seeing the movies and clashing them against each other, giving my own unique two cents on which one is worthy of the critical acclaim. Continue reading Oscars 2015

400 Days

This post is a continuation of my series on The Walking Dead games and the Telltale Games catalog.

400 Days is a unique form of DLC in that it did not seem to have much relevance to the Season 1 of The Walking Dead that I had just completed. Instead of offering another look or continuation of the story for any of the main characters, 400 Days features a number of short vignettes for new characters who are strangers to us. Five in total, you get 15-30 minutes with each character, experiencing events in the now zombified world from a fresh perspective each time. Consequently, 400 Days ends up feeling more like a collection of short stories set in The Walking Dead world than anything particularly relevant to the Lee and Clementine plot. Continue reading 400 Days

The Walking Dead SSN 1 – Final Thoughts

This post is a continuation of my series on The Walking Dead games and the Telltale Games catalog.

So I realize I’ve been fairly critical of The Walking Dead – Season 1 thus far. Every time I’ve complimented it, it has been on the coattails of a criticism or tirade on how it could have been done better. Well… To that, I’ll simply point out that I just finished the game, from the the second half of Episode 3 to the very end of Episode 5. All in one sitting. Continue reading The Walking Dead SSN 1 – Final Thoughts

Zilean – The Chronokeeper

This post is a continuation of my series on League of Legends and my Climb to Platinum.

While the Top Lane will be my main focus for Season 5, I knew that part of going into ranked would involve, once in a blue moon, being that SUPER nice guy who goes support so everyone else can play their carries. At first I considered playing more Blitzcrank this season as he still remains a powerful pick. But, I won’t lie; I wanted to try something new! So I went in an entirely different direction… Continue reading Zilean – The Chronokeeper

Kenny versus Lilly

This post is a continuation of my series on The Walking Dead games and the Telltale Games catalog.

Throughout the first three episodes of The Walking Dead – Season 1, one of the primary conflict points involves the perpetual argument between the characters Kenny and Lilly. Over time, I started to realize that their struggle is representative of one of the Big Questions surrounding any zombie story.

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