A New Beginning


Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. Too long. But, as this year came to a close, the idle whisper of a thought came to me and hasn’t let go. I want to write again. I want to get better at this, I want it to help my career, and I want to have a clear vision going into The Inquisitive Loon about precisely what I want it to be.

The Inquisitive Loon in its previous form was a hodgepodge of ideas and topics. It was a beautiful chaos, but one which, years later, I felt too aimless with. Being able to write about whatever I pleased was nice, but it lacked a unifying theme. I think I need that. I need to have that end goal in mind with my writing or else, to me at least, it feels too much like shouting in the dark. Like the true obsessive that I am, I want to challenge myself with what I do here. All while I continue to find relief in that special way that only writing can bring me.

But what will this blog become, you ask? Well, it didn’t take me long to figure this one out. My education is that of a historian. All of my life, I’ve been fascinated by the people, heroes, and leaders who were once part of this world. I continue to read about subjects like these voraciously and, of all my previous posts on The Inquisitive Loon, I’ve always been proudest of the ones I wrote on history books, movies, the changing of eras, and the most amazing stories you can believe, that are made even more remarkable by the fact that they truly happened. This is going to be more of a history blog, and one that I plan to be damn proud of.

As a result, for you all who still follow what this blog used to be, I’ll understand if you move on. But, if you stay, I look forward to sharing this journey with you. I’ll begin posting in earnest in January, as the new year begins. 2016 has certainly been a struggle. But the year 2017 can be all we hope for it and more. I’ll be following my dreams to help make sure that’s the case. Will you?


The Inquisitive Loon

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